Coca Cola Smartphone Rendered by Jonathan Gustafsson, Obviously With Polar Bears Included

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A few weeks ago the Internet went crazy with the Pepsi phone, that was made by a Chinese company and it was only a matter of time till Coca Cola replied. This is not an official Coca Cola phone, instead it’s just a concept that comes from designer Jonathan Gustafsson.

Coca Cola smartphone concept 2015 1

Made from recycled Coca Cola cans, the handset has a curved screen, a red chassis and a very simple (and bubbly) UI. The back camera area is shaped like the metal key that opens up the cans. One thing that the designer of the phone must consider is the angularity of the design. If you play with a can long enough and deform it enough, you can end up cutting your finger.

Coca Cola smartphone concept 2015 2

The front side looks nice, but the top part looks kind of cheap, to be honest. There are two approaches here, if the device gets made: either you get it free with a sixpack of 2 litter bottles, or you get it by paying something like $50 and gathering points from buying Coke cans.

Coca Cola smartphone concept 2015 3

Coca Cola smartphone concept 2015 4

Coca Cola smartphone concept 2015 5

Coca Cola smartphone concept 2015 6

[Thanks Jonathan]

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