Vivo Shows Detachable Pop Up Camera IFEA, Already has an Award For It

Modular phones went out of fashion pretty fast, faster than you could say “Motorola Moto Z”. Moto was actually the only one who stuck around for more than one or two generations. Anyway, today we have an award winning design from Vivo, that proposes a detachable top side camera, which is showcased below. It’s called IFEA.

Created by designer Dai Nairen and Vivo, the module is attached to the top of the phone. It ascends from the body of the smartphone, with a tiny motorized mechanism and then you can detach it to its metal contacts. Once detached, the camera, module, which can be a single sensor setup or dual sensor can be placed anywhere you want, including on your dog or facing you for a better selfie. IFEA Camera Mobilephone, as Vivo calls this concept has a pretty interesting design, which reminds me of the Oppo Find X a bit.

You can use the IFEA camera module from the distance, wirelessly, controlled via smartphone. There’s even voice control and you can attach it to objects, like a dog collar. You will also get a notification and alert from the phone and forget the IFEA camera module. This design won the Red Dot Design Award 2020, so it’s definitely worth your attention. The fact that it’s small, portable, modular and easy to handle is definitely appealing. We need to learn more about the way it attaches to the top side. Magnets? Just metal contacts?

Vivo claims that it’s going to bring the tech to the masses, so we may see it on a smartphone next year.

via Yanko Design

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