Which features should you look at before buying a phone?

A phone in this day and age is an integral part of our lives. Its constant use has put us in such a situation that answering a question like “what would you do without your phone” becomes a conundrum. With so many features present in today’s smartphone, people do not just buy them for making calls or texting. At the same time, these multiple features can be confusing when choosing the perfect phone for yourself. There are times when people buy smartphones without considering their use and features. We are here for you with some of the features you absolutely need to look at before buying a phone.


Your taste in quality majorly depends on the type of build you prefer in your smartphone. From rounded lines to sharp metal edges, you will have a lot to choose from. Keep in mind that the phone should be premium build quality- preferably a metal frame for more durability. Glass back will always add a plus point to your phone, if you want it to be more “new age”. If you are a clumsy person and want one of those phones which comes with a fall-proof coating then you must go for a metal or plastic panel which will be less likely to shatter while dropping.


Ram is an integral part of a smartphone. ALWAYS look closely at the RAM storage of the phone because it will play a major role in how smoothly and speedily your phone works as well as in multitasking. Even if you have the minimum use of your smartphone, prefer looking for the one which has RAM above 4GB. At the same time, if you use your phone constantly and multitask in it along with games, prefer going with the phone with a ram of 6GB and above.

The processor of a smartphone depends on OS version, bloatware, UI, and so on. These days Mediatek dimensity processors are getting preference over the Qualcomm processor. If you are a heavy user and need to stream, edit, use split-screen mode, or play games on your smartphone, go for a flagship processor. Given that there are chip shortages all around the world at the time, you should preferably try and go for the latest processor available in the market.


With people looking for the best camera phones, almost all brands of smartphones offer more or less the same sensor with different amounts of optimization. Keeping this in mind, one thing that will make your camera stand out is a good wide-angle and macro sensor. Do not dwell on the numbers showing the feature of “high MP”. MP does not define the quality of the camera, more megapixels do not necessarily mean better pictures. Rather than focusing on MP, focus more on the dual rear camera, color effects integrated sensor, pixel size, and the lens quality of the camera before buying.


People often use their phones for editing pictures and videos, streaming videos, watching movies, and such. For this, the preferred display types vary between 5.5 inches to 6 inches, full HD or QHD. This will be easy to carry around along with making the media experience easy. For android users, LCD and AMOLED displays should be preferred. Where LCD screens are brighter and gravitate towards better display in direct sunlight, AMLOLD gravitates towards sharper contrast and saturated colors. However, with technology improving every day, the difference between these two screens is getting less and less noticeable.


The internal storage of a phone is an important factor to be focused on. Yes, you can buy an SD Card and insert it on your smartphone, but all your apps will work properly only when present in the internal storage system. Having more internal storage should always be preferred over an external card. A large part of your storage is taken away with the pre-installed app in your smartphone so keep that in mind while choosing the amount of storage you want. However, don’t overdo the storage amount required. If you prefer to keep fewer things on your smartphone, it would be absurd to go for a phone with storage of 128GB or more.


One of the most important features to focus on while buying a smartphone is its battery life. If you are a heavy user and constantly use your phone throughout the day while switching through multiple apps, then you should go for a long-lasting battery. It is true the larger the mAh, the longer the battery life. However, this heavily depends on the processor and the resolution of the screen. Your phone battery decays as soon as you start using it. For it to prevent having a short life span you shouldn’t not charge your phone overnight regularly. For now, you should prefer going for a phone which has at least a 3500 mAh battery or above. With the latest phones, you’ll find the battery to be 4000 mAh and above, so opting for them will be your best option for longer usage without charging.


It is important to make a budget for the phone before investing in it. Technology is something that keeps on evolving vigorously so with every new bell and whistle you might be tempted to sway on something out of your budget. Set a budget depending on the requirement and then stick to it.

With constant loss or theft of smartphones, it is important to get your phone insured. Mobile phone insurance will help you get a replacement for your damaged or stolen phone. For an expensive phone, it has now become a necessity in order to save yourself from monetary damages. 


While looking for a new smartphone, people tend to gravitate towards word of mouth. Rather than falling victim to that, do your own research before investing. Select your preferences and then look for the smartphone that meets your requirements. These features are some of the most important ones you need to look for while investing in a phone.

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