New Nokia Remade Concept Phone is a Recycled Goodie


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If Greenpeace ever dared to criticise Nokia for not being environmentally-friendly enough, they should take it back, since the company have just shown a great Remade concept phone, at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. Check it out in the video above and I have to say that the background music is quite nice. The Remade model is made out of recycled materials, ranging from metal parts to the plastic we usually throw away in our garbage cans. I have to say that this device looks pretty nice, a bit “Asian” though, reminding me of the Japanese phones. And when you think that they used aluminium cans for its body and old used tires for its keypads… Read the rest of the entry for an extra video of the device.

Here’s what the folks over at mobilemag had to say about this beauty and it seems pretty strange that they can’t get the phone working. And what’s the deal with the sliding mechanism anyway? Does it work?


[via mobilemag]