Nokia 1100s Gives the Classic a New Life, Brings E Ink in the Mix

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Remember the Nokia 1100? You know, the phone that sold tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of units and it was so big in Africa, that it was essential to the life of people there. Nokia’s one billionth phone sold was a model of this kind, so it’s no wonder some designers are trying to bring it back. Designer Matías Papalini has envisioned a new life for that handset.


The designer imagines a Nokia that’s different from the current Apple, Samsung and other phone maker products. He takes them back to their roots, with a simple, resistant and easy to use device. Nokia 1100s is the result, with a flip cover that features an E Ink screen and consumes 1% of energy compared to a regular touchscreen.


The flip cover lets the user access basic applications without having to turn on the main touchscreen. Of course, Snake is on board. Battery life is good enough for a week apparently. We also get multiple customization options, colorful ones and plasticky, too, but not the cheap stuff. The classic Nokia 1100 powerful flashlight is here as well.

Windows 10 and Android Nougat are available as OS choices for the phone.







[via Matias Papalini]

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