Nokia 3310 2017 Concept Imagined by Mahmoud Hijazi, With Smartphone Vibe

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After yesterday’s Nokia 3310 concept, today we find a new one, with a clearer smartphone vibe. The device is dubbed Nokia 3310 2017 and it’s the creation of Mahmoud Hijazi. The device’s curves are inspired by the classic 3310 and we have a very interesting approach to physical buttons.

There are no buttons on the side, the device is very slim and we’ve got a singular button area at the back, below the camera. That portion includes the volume up/down buttons, a Home button and a fingerprint scanner. Upfront there’s a bezel-less display with an edge to edge approach and there’s also an infrared blaster at the top. We’ve got speaker and microphone grilles at the bottom, flanking an USB Type C port.

The color choice is nice and judging by the first render above the Home button is even able to light up, feeling like a precious pearl. I’m not sure how comfy these buttons are to reach, but with proper studies and measurements, they should be about right. This feels like a Nokia 3310 ran over by a truck and then covered with glass and with extra buttons and a high end camera included.

Of course, I’m saying that in the best way possible, not criticizing the designer’s vision. However, I have a feeling the real thing may look a bit more like the old 3310.

[via Behance]

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