iPhone 8 Plus Concept Goes OLED, 4K

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Here we are with millionth iPhone 8 concept probably, but one that goes to an OLED 4K panel this time. The creation of Rishi Ramesh, this concept iPhone is inspired by the latest leaks, also removing the iconic Home button.

Virtual keys are the way to go here and I also noticed that the Apple logo is bigger now. The dual camera has been separated at the back side and the sensors also feel larger. This iPhone 8, actually iPhone 8 Plus comes with an OLED 4K display with a 5.8 inch diagonal and there’s an Apple A11 processor quad core CPU inside. The designer claims there’s 16 MP dual camera setup here, one a 35 mm unit and the other a 105 mm one.

Optical image stabilization is also in the mix, as well as F/1.8 aperture. Rishi Ramesh also included wireless charging, facial and gesture recognition and if you look at this iPhone 8, it’s a very, very slim handset. I’m not sure if people would actually accept the virtual buttons below the screen, especially since they’re basically the Back and Menu buttons from Android.

That’s a big no-no!

[via iPhone8pluss.com]

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