Nokia 5900 Monoir, the Next Nokia Touchscreen Phone Concept

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a good-looking Nokia concept phone! And now, we’ve got Nokia 5900 Monoir on our hands, courtesy of designer András Nemes, who envisioned this device. The new Nokia handset packs a 3.5 inch touchscreen TFT LCD (16:9; 260 x 640 pixels) and uses Symbian S60 5th Edition.


Under the case you’ll find an ARM 11 369 MHz CPU, 1GB of SDRAM memory and a GPS receiver. Nokia 5900 Monoir also features a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, dual LED flash and VGA video recording (30 fps), plus WiFi, dual band 3G with HSDPA  and quad band GSM support.

Nokia Maps 2.0 Touch is also on board and the device incorporates a microSD slot, TV out, FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth and USB 2.0. 5900 Monoir ships with an 8GB card, uses a 3.5mm audio jack, provides excellent audio quality via Dolby Mobile and uses a proximity sensor in order to turn the screen on and off automatically.


The handset’s QWERTY keyboard is an on-screen landscape virtual one and as far as gaming is concerned, you’ll be using an accelerometer sensor for automatic UI rotation and motion-based games. The specs list of the superb Nokia 5900 Monoir ends with an Office document viewer and OVI, MySpace integration.

For more info on the works of András Nemes, check out this site and know that we’re really stunned by the great design of this brand new Nokia touchscreen handset. When will it become real?!


[Thanks to András Nemes]

  • Bill

    Hmmm…Only a 5 mp camera, no xenon flash, no DVB-H TV Tuner, c’mon, this is a concept. Make the specs a bit more dreamier than that, I am Nokia’s biggest supporter and props to the guy who made this, but beef up the specs for 2009 buddy, not 2007

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  • Anonymous

    wow realy looks like a good phone

  • stephanie

    luv it

  • utak_bolpen

    i dont believe it’s true..

    the design is not nokia-ish..

    nice try.

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  • Arya

    I think nokia 5900 is have no make me satishfied coz from the body is reluqtance n no xenonflash.
    Why nokia not accompany high resolution cmera with xenon flash.

  • eaXon

    it is very beautiful ,high class and smart phones

  • Shubham

    It is a nice mobile but whats the price of it?

  • Anonymous

    its not real its a photo shop concept….

  • Salahuddin

    It’s really awesome, seems to kick iphone 3g well. it would be quite better, only problem seems to be with symbian, Nokia should go otherway….

  • fakefonespotter

    Damn fake! it’s not nokia style…

  • T.Sureshkumar

    Good Phone

  • SkiesOfAzel

    Wow, really nice. It strongly reminds me the visual style of the Panzer Dragoon series which i love very much. Is it a coincidence ?

  • mvassu

    this is true or fake but its so beautiful. but its avail in India what’s rate

  • jason angel

    this the perfect phone for my profession i thank god

  • Mourad

    real phone, but it’s must have an éléctric charger,only usb cable ,,,,,

  • Borat

    Looks cooL,but its just a concept