Nokia 8 2017 is a Dual Camera Machine That Could Put Nokia Back on the Map (Video)

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Considering the latest leaks related to Nokia products, I think the following Nokia 8 concept is closer to a Nokia 9 actually. Anyway, Concept Creator did an amazing job here and this is one of the few times when we actually get an “exploded” view of the device.

Nokia 8 2017 is presented as a flagship, with vibrant blue, red or black chassis. It’s got a flat dual camera, with no protrusion and the format of the smartphone makes me think of the ASUS ZenFone 3 and of the Huawei Nova a bit. The Home button seems to be doing its own thing, although cues from the OnePlus 2 and older Galaxy S models can be felt.

The typical iPhone 7 antenna lines are here, but Huawei P10 wasn’t shy to use them recently, so that’s a trend now. A sturdy, big metal frame keeps the whole thing glued up and the handset comes with a metal unibody case, so Nokia doesn’t seem eager to experiment with glass like other firms are doing. I’m talking about a back glass panel of course.

While the back is all nice and the dandy, the front is a bit too easy to confuse with the one of a Huawei Nova.

[via Concept Creator]

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