Nokia 8 Bezel Less Phone Gets Trailer From Techconfigurations (Video)

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We’ve seen the Nokia 8 once or twice before, but one more concept can’t hurt, right? So here we are with a fresh one, still dubbed Nokia 8 and adopting a bezel less approach, courtesy of Techconfigurations. Let’s check it out.

The format is pretty trendy now, with the Galaxy S8, Pixel XL and all those big diagonal models. Thus, the Nokia 8 arrives with a narrow bezel 5.7 inch Quad HD screen, of the IPS LCD kind, as well as 6 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 835 processor. It has a 24 megapixel camera with OIS and a camera module design that feels like classic Lumia meets Moto Z somehow.

The front camera is a 12 MP unit and the OS of choice here is Android 7.0 Nougat. As far as the actual build goes, this model has a metal case and Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The body has chromed edges, which is something you don’t see every day. The mirror finish on the sides is quite stunning and it’s something I’ve seen Sony doing on the Xperia Z5 at some point, for the back of the case.

Those stereo speakers are a tad to wide for my taste and the only ugly thing about this device is the fingerprint scanner upfront.

[via Techconfigurations]

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