Nokia 9 Gets the Concept Creator Treatment (Video)

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The most prolific designer we’ve been featuring for over a a year now, Concept Creator is back with a brand new concept for the Nokia 9. This device actually draws some inspiration from the @OnLeaks set of renders from a few days ago. Let’s check it out!

So, things are pretty straightforward: a dual camera machine that’s highly glossy and ditches the audio jack. What you’ll notice immediately is the way the screen edges are curved, maybe a bit more than the previous renders. It actually goes into Galaxy S7 Edge territory and you got to have good reasons for such a curve, like showing Edge shortcuts or something, otherwise it’s wasted space.

The back camera protrudes quite a bit so the phone would sit oddly on a table, but that’s the price you pay for bragging about a slimmer waistline than it actually is. Having in mind the fresh glossy and glassy texture of the Huawei Mate 10, I imagine something similar is happening here. I know that it Samsung made this the Galaxy Note 9, people would be pissed, but it Nokia makes it they have an excuse, since they’re just coming back now.

Good things? The gloss of the back and Carl Zeiss camera potential. Bad things? Curved edges are a bit too much and there’s no audio jack. Feel free to support the designer here.

[via Concept Creator]

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