Nokia 9 is All Screen… Almost

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Kiarash Kia is back, with a fresh design, tackling probably the most rehearsed concept phone of the past months, Nokia 9. This time we get a 5.7 inch device, which is almost all screen.

This handset has a Quad HD resolution and just a Snapdragon 835 CPU, not the S845 everybody was expecting. There’s a dual back camera here with Carl Zeiss optics, an iris scanner and fingerprint scanner too. OZO Audio and all the goodies of the Nokia 8 are here, but in a different package. Not sure about the camera design, which is very discrete and feels like a sort of peephole.

There’s something very iPhone-like for the beige-white version of the phone and the facade feels like the Xiaomi Mi 5 a bit. The red and blue versions are nice, but there’s a lot of gloss there, so I can’t help but wonder if the back is made of glass, shiny polycarbonate or ceramics. The back is gently curved and I have to say I’m loving the purple version of the Nokia 9.

Very curious that the device also seems to change texture when it also changes colours.

[via Kiarash Kia]

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