Nokia With Android Concept Features Back Touch Area, Metal Body (Video)

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Fancy a Nokia with metal unibody design? Well, who doesn’t…? Anyway, as we prepare for the year end and the time when the first new Nokia phones will pop up, we expect a variety of concepts to anticipate the arrival. Among them we find the one created by Delta and shown below.

Nokia with Android concept 1

In case you’re wondering, Nokia will only take care of the design, branding and licenses, while Foxconn will actually make the product. Back to Delta’s new Nokia concept, this device has a metal unibody case, high quality speakers and a 5 inch Quad HD screen. There’s also a fingerprint scanner upfront and a 21 megapixel back camera with OIS.

Nokia with Android concept 2

Corners have been reinforced against drops and they can absorb up to 80% of impact. The Nokia concept employs something called Nokia Touch, basically a touch strip below the camera, that lets you swipe to scroll on web pages and more. This could as well have been used on a fingerprint scanner, like Huawei does with the P9.

The design feels a bit like those proto Galaxy S6 concepts from last year mixed with a Meixu Pro 6 maybe. While the looks are reasonably good, I can’t help but wonder about ergonomics.

Nokia with Android concept 3

[via Delta]

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