Nokia Android Lockscreen Shows Interesting Phone Template

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Deviantart user DAVDesigner created a special Android lockscreen concept for a slim Nokia phone, that’s shown below. The idea of a Nokia handset with Android is not new and we’ve even seen a Nexus render of this kind.

Nokia android lockscreen concept

The Nokia NA-01 concept shown here runs Android 4.3 for some reason and uses a double tap shortcut for the lockscreen. The main area of the lockscreen actually looks like a keyhole and the main functions of the phone are available as shortcuts placed in the shape of a cross. This Nokia Android handset has very narrow bezels and seems to be very slim.

It would be hard to hold, but with a bit of tweaking of the design and a curved back, this would be an excellent addition to the Lumia family. The question is: metal or polycarbonate? The interface of the concept is quite minimalistic and pretty by the way, making me think of MeeGo, Maemo and such OSes.

[via Deviantart]