Nokia Ember Makes the Bendgate Curvature an “Organic” One and Slightly Fashionable

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The idea of a phone that looks like it was run over by a car or somehow damaged doesn’t sound good, unless that’s what you’re going for from the factory. Designer Eoin Bracken from Ireland imagined the Nokia Ember as having an organic curvature and offers an interesting approach to Lumia design.

Nokia Ember concept phone 1

Be sure to check his Behance page, because he detailed the technical aspects of the device and documented the past Nokia design projects. He looked into convex and concave models, curves on the sides and at the back and decided to go with this idea. Nokia Ember was born, featuring huge speakers on the side, that is riddled with the holes of their grille.

Nokia Ember concept phone 5

In case you’re wondering, not only the polycarbonate case is curved, but also the LCD and the screen layer on top. Windows Phone is the OS here, but it has been badly fit onto the screen in the render above. From what I ca see in the renders, the screen goes all the way to the edges and the volume buttons are a mere minimalistic plus and minus etched into the side.

Believe it or not I like this design, but I don’t quite fancy the huge Power button at the top.

Nokia Ember concept phone 4

Nokia Ember concept phone 3

Nokia Ember concept phone 2


[via Behance]

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