Nokia Lumia 901 Render Brings New Facade

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Suman Chatterjee brings us a new Nokia concept phone, the Lumia 901, that reminds me of the HTC 8S, especially in the lower side. Considering the naming pattern of the device, I expect something like a lower specced Lumia 920.

lumia 901 concept

As you can see at the back we’ve got a Carl Zeiss lens camera, with dual LED flash and possibly an 8 MP Pureview sensor. The front part is the interesting bit, with an original upper and lower side, that may feel a bit like the HTC 8S. The lower one is pretty basic, but the upper one is more original and gives the Nokia Lumia 901 a more solid feeling.

With a facade that has bigger upper and lower edges you feel that the phone is more solid and resilient, since more glass may feel like more weakness. Hope you get what I’m trying to say here, although people considering all glass facades fashionable nowadays. The phone is totally rectangular and I can’t see any rounded areas here, so it may feel sharp in the hand, like the Xperia Z. What do you make of this Nokia render?

[Thanks Suman Chatterjee]