Nokia Lumia 930 Catwalk Rendered by Juha Luoma, Corrects Every Mistake of the Lumia 920

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Nokia Lumia 920 is, from what I’ve heard a very successful handset and it’s very praised. However, it’s still a massive and bulky device, in need of a makeover. Said redesign may come with the rumored Nokia Catwalk, that today gets a fresh concept from Juha Luoma, who created the Nokia Lumia 930, shown below. By the way, this is his first concept.

Nokia Catwalk Lumia 930 1

This Lumia 920 replacement adopts a compact aluminum and glass chassis, that’s lighter than the one of the predecessor. The designer also tries to keep the current Nokia design language and give it a modern twist. I like the lower side of the model especially and how the screen feels like it’s “melting on the sides”.

Nokia Lumia 930 measures 8.8 mm in thickness and uses Corning Gorilla Glass 2 on the back and front, plus it has a scratch resistant coating. Upfront we’ve got a 4.5 inch 1280 x 768 pixel display with ClearBlack AMOLED PureMotion technology and at the back there’s an 8.7 megapixel Pureview camera. The cam uses a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens with F1.9 aperture and a focal length of 35 mm, as well as optical image stabilization. Finally, Nokia Catwalk features a Snapdragon 600 processor (quad core 1.5 GHz), wireless charging and a 2300 mAh battery. Is this worthy of a Lumia 920 follow-up?

[Thanks Juha Luoma]

  • truthy

    That’s an awful sexy piece of hardware…

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  • Nokia Fan

    Hi, am asking if I can see the pictures, for Lumia 930, in a different colour (white) cause what am seeing here is Lumia 920.This phone was suppose to be better than 920 when it comes to camera (Mega pixel increase).We are moving forward not backwards and Nokia must make decisions of having a fixed Camera pixel example they should stop using 8.7MP and use 10.7MP then that will be an improvement. If they will use 8.7MP it should be for the Asha series that can diss the Galaxy S3 at least. God bless.

  • Nokia Fan

    I think Nokia sometimes does things on purpose why can’t they give their lumia’s 1980 X 1080 or more like 2996 X 2699. And why today the new Lumia’s don’t have a Radio? Fm transmitter? though Lumia’s never had Fm transmitter its not always that we listen to news using T.V or internet.Hope it has the lastest bluetooth.Hope its does not feel like a brick on one’s hand hope its 121g.Hope it has high ppi like 470 and uses DDR3 OF Ram. God bless.

  • Nokia Fan

    I like the colours; phone brands today don’t use one colour, Gold, Nokia should give certain Lumia’s a colour like Gold to show that they have what other phones don’t have out there! example If nokia gave there lumia ( Gold colour) dual-16Mp front camera;dual 41Mp back one Rotating+One just normal ; 4 X1080p@120 back; 4 X 1080p@120 front Camera; quad led flash; quad xeon Flash ; 5940 X 5400 resolution ; crazy 650ppi and Quadcore 3.75GHZ Can Nokia even do this? God bless.

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  • Eliasante

    I need to get nokia 930;how can i get it?
    Am in east africa;Tanzania Dar es salaam

  • ling

    i am not a nokia fan for all decade.
    but this lumia series have changed everything. first, im want to get lumia 920 but sadly no external slot so have to wait for 925. and still without external slot. 🙁 hopefully 930 really come out with external slot …because 16GB internal memory alone is not enough .
    superb design by the way. 🙂


    It should have IPS LCD puremotion hd+ clear black display 356 ppi 32 GB storage and no SD card because in WP we can’t move apps to SD card. Rather than making 16 GB storage + SD card it’s better that u make 32 GB storage and no SD card.