Nokia Lumia Phone of 2020 is Flexible and Fits in Your Wallet

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Apparently Nokia had a special concept competition, that was meant to award designers with a phone after imagining the Nokia of the year 2020. Thomas Chanal made a concept for the competition and won the contest and the Nokia phone. Congratulations to him!

nokia lumia 2020 concept 4

I am just going to call this the Nokia Lumia 2020 and I hope the designer is OK with that. This very original render relies on a very minimalistic design, that involves a very small handset body that can expand. I can see we get 6G connectivity and what seems to be a transparent and flexible screen. There are no physical buttons and this model is able to connect with anything, from game consoles to desktops and your car.

nokia lumia 2020 concept 2

If I read it well, at the back there’s a 20 megapixel dual pixel CMOS sensor with a Digic 5+ image processor. There’s also a silent shutter mode, 7 FPS continuous shooting and RAW support. The Nokia Lumia concept shown here is available in a variety of colors and comes with a very original OS that doesn’t have a name.

It’s basically a blend of Meego and Tizen, if you ask me, with some elements from BlackBerry OS 10. This is certainly not Android and nor is it Windows Phone. What do you think?

nokia lumia 2020 concept 5

nokia lumia 2020 concept 1

nokia lumia 2020 concept 3

[Thanks Thomas]

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