Samsung Galaxy Titan Borrows Some Elements From the iPhone, Gets Golden

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Created by Dimas Satria the Samsung Galaxy Titan is not very impressive at first sight, but when you see the golden version, there’s a slight tingle inside. Depending on the kind of person you are, the tingle may mean you adore it, or you despise it.

samsung galaxy titan

Looking closely at the renders, I have a feeling this is actually one of these smaller Samsung handsets, maybe like a Galaxy S4 Mini of sorts. It also comes with very slim bezels and a pretty fat body. The upper back side, near the camera is totally borrowed from the iPhone, of I’m being polite about it. The interface is also pretty rough and the Home button’s color feels odd.

The gold version has a very interesting hue and feels like a luxury product that could sell well. I’d see this model in the hand of a Kardashian family member for example. And also, on gold the black Home button looks nicer. What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Titan render?

samsung gold plated phone

[via Coroflot]

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