Nokia Lumia XI Windows Phone Concept Feels Like It Has Racing Decals

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Created by Darragh Hughes from Ireland, the following concept phone is more of an experiment than wishful thinking. Windows Phone is basically dead and this Nokia Lumia XI concept is merely a test of format and design direction. Created using Maxon Cinema 3D, SolidWorks, Keyshot and a 3D printer, it’s a pretty sporty looking device.

Nokia Lumia XI Windows Phone Concept 1

I’d see this as part of a campaign made with Nike or Adidas for example. The designer based his work on the most vibrant colors of nature, as a design element involved here. The red comes from dried peppers, the blue from ice and the yellow from bees and sunflower. The color choice and format is very youthful and eye pleasing, plus if there’s rubber and polycarbonate in the mix, the grip is a sure thing.

Nokia Lumia XI Windows Phone Concept 2

I feel that the space wasted by the buttons below the screen is a bit overkill, but at least the top and bottom portions are symmetrical. I’m also wondering why there’s no camera flash at the back and this feels overall like a sporty Lumia 7xx of sorts, perhaps resilient to water and the elements.

Nokia Lumia XI Windows Phone Concept 3

[via Behance]

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