Nokia N1000 Runs Donna OS, Features Galaxy S III Diagonal

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We’ve seen 5 inch Nokia concepts, 4 inch models and many more formats, even tablets, but so far not so many with a diagonal size of the Galaxy S III, 4.8 inches. This time we get this treat courtesy of Karl Panase, who sent us the Nokia N1000 concept running Nokia Donna.

We call it Nokia Donna, although we’d call it Symbian Donna, but the Finns themselves gave up on that name. This model features a 4.8 inch HD display, exactly like the Galaxy S III, although I’m not sure what kind of technology is used here. Could it be AMOLED? SLCD? IPS TFT? LCD? PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack? We have no idea, but the designer promised more features will be unveiled soon. I imagine that this model features a quad core CPU, maybe a 20 MP camera and also an edge to edge screen.

Nokia N1000 has a design that reminds me of the Lumia 800 and 900 and it seems to run Angry Birds Star Wars for some reason, although I don’t think that the game is available in the Nokia Store yet. The phone may look interesting, but seeing how big-bodied recent Nokias are, with a 4.8 inch display it’s probably the same size as a Galaxy Note II…

[Thanks Karl Panase]