Nokia N9 Gets a Welcome Remake Courtesy of Designer Tiant Nguyen

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Throughout the almost 10 years of existence, our website has covered many concept phone brands. However, I have to say that the one met with most creativity by designers has always been Nokia for some reason. A close second is Sony. Today’s concept is a Nokia machine of course, rendered by Tiant Nguyen, who brings back the Nokia N9.

If you remember the Nokia N9 started a design format that would be adopted on the entire Lumia line and even copied by Apple on an iPod at some point. Now Tiant Nguyen wants to remake the template and start over. And he does it in style, with a curved screen, that goes beyond the current curvature of the Nokia 8 and into a more rounded territory.

I don’t know why, but I’m getting serious Batmobile vibes from this creation… It seems like it keeps the classic polycarbonate back, but I may be wrong and we could be dealing with an unibody metal case. There’s a dual back camera here, with Pureview Carl Zeiss optics and a big Xenon flash. The 41 megapixel sensor makes a triumphant comeback with a fingerprint scanner below it.

This feels like a phone that would be massive and massively popular, if marketed right. Perhaps name it… N10?

[via Behance]

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