Nokia N93 2021 5G Edition Channels the Weird Flipping Phone of 2006

Nokia was one of the biggest pioneers and trailblazers of the 1990s and 2000s, making crazy courageous phones, that flipped, expanded and even did gaming like the N-Gage. Among them we find the Nokia N93, which gets remade today courtesy of renders from GSMaholic and also a video of the device below.

Nokia is now a mere shell of itself, having been ruined by Microsoft’s takeover. They’re now making average midrange phones, overpriced too. Their last flagship, the Nokia 9 Pureview as a big flop 3 years ago and they haven’t dared to launch a follow-up since. Now here comes the Nokia N93 2021 5G, straight out of the imagination of designer GSMaholic. He envisions this machine as having an “unprecedented design” and adds a futuristic twist to it.

Back in the day, Nokia N93 struggled with the handycam aesthetic and tried to be cool and also useful at crazy angles. Now we’re getting an approach that actually reminds me of a Lenovo Yoga device. It’s got a 200 megapixel camera in the central cylinder of the hinge and also side rotating buttons and scroll wheels, that would feel at home on a smartwatch. The screen is able to flip to the side for some reason, tending to resemble a car’s side mirror. It even hosts a notch with a lot of camera sensors.

There are two batteries on board, one a 3300 mAh unit and the other a 2800 mAh unit. It all feels like the device is too slim for its own good, but the source even mentions a pair of Snapdragon 888 CPUs. The versatile format allows for laptop-like editing. We also get 5G support, “an emotional AI” a premium metal body. This honestly feels like it’s trying too hard to stand out of the crowd, but somehow I like it because it’s very bold and different from the current market trends.

via GSMaholic

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