iPhone Air is another hit from Antonio de Rosa: foldable clamshell phone

Italian designer Antonio de Rosa is back and this time he created a foldable clamshell phone dubbed iPhone Air. It’s not his first rodeo, having create the iPhone X Fold 3 years ago. This time he envisioned a slimmer machine with a more discrete hinge than the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young have already predicted that such a foldable phone could drop in 2024. The video below mentions an Apple M1 CPU, event though that may become hot in such a slim and compact enclosure. The iPhone Air is portless, IP certified and very light. There’s a split battery inside and vivid colors like yellow, purple and green, as shown in the video.

When opened up the device looks like a typical iPhone 13, but ditches the notch in favor of a punch hole and pill for the Face ID sensor and selfie camera. The handset uses a square camera module, with a triple camera setup and also a square cover screen next to it, which actually reminds me of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and its external screen. I would say that this phone, at least in this design is too slim for its own good. If you’re curious you can see more Antonio de Rosa designs on our site, or in the source below.

The idea of a portless and buttonless iPhone has been floated before and with the EU pressuring Apple to put an USB-C port on iPhones, they could ditch ports entirely. The buttonless approach isn’t done here, but we may also see that happening. Believe it or not I’d like a thicker iPhone Air foldable phone to come out.

via ADR Studio

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