Windows Phone 7 on Nokia Smartphone, Just a Concept So Far

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Frustrated with the lack of quality of Symbian, even in its latest versions people started dreaming about running Android or Windows Phone 7 on Nokia handsets. Right now we’ve got a poster in London showing Nokia devices running Android, but that was an error of the people making the posters… Now let’s see how Windows Phone 7 looks on a Finnish smartphone!

Considering that Nokia’s current CEO was a Microsoft official, it wouldn’t be impossible for future N-Series units to adopt this platform. The following phone is the created of Michal Bonikowski & Rafal Pilat and we’re dealing with magnesium alloy handset running WP7 and featuring an 8MP camera at the back.

The design reminds us of a HTC device, but it also borrows a few traits from Nokia’s trademark back case. Well, we can imagine that this is the Nokia N9 and WP7 got ported on it… right?

[via Yanko Design]

  • Anonymous

    looks like a refrigerator from mtv cribs

  • Robert

    Anon Dude,

    Silly Fanboy, you wish you had one and you know it.

    That’s one sweet looking phone, and I cannot wait until Nokia brings their Windows Phone lineup into the U.S. market space.

    Hate or love Microsoft we are finally going to get a quality phone other then an iPhone. I own an iPhone and I have learned to HATE Apple with a passion.

    My primary reason for feeling that way is they overcharge for a silly piece of broken glass. Crack your screen and they set you back $199.00. Someone tell me their manufacturing costs aren’t more then covered in that pricing… Gimme a freaking break Apple, $199.00 for glass that cost 20 cents?

    As for their PC’s, yes I own a MacBook as well. Same story, they overcharge you for a silly Macbook and stick it to you if you don’t buy their insurance.

    Consumers will see thru the Apple smoke screen. Apple has nice hardware I admit, but they got too greedy trying to own the entire entertainment space.

    As for Jobs dying, god bless the man but gimme a break already. He’s not god and they gave hime far to much credit for changing the computing world.

    Ok Apple Fanboys, feel free to cry like babies at someone who owns both Windows and MAC OS platforms.

  • Samit Kumar Mallick

    Nice phone…smart looking & more stylish.