OnePlus 13 Renders Leaked; Design Looks Safer Now

The buzz around the OnePlus 13 is already building, even though its official launch is months away. An intrepid Weibo user has stirred the pot by releasing a render that claims to showcase the phone’s fresh rear design.

The design shake-up, long the subject of the rumor mill, appears to trade the familiar circular camera setup for a chic square with rounded edges.

It’s important to note, this image isn’t a leaked official render; it’s crafted from whispers and leaks, so while it might not hit the mark perfectly, it aims to whet our appetites with possibilities.

Speaking of future tech, the OnePlus 13 is tipped to be one of the first to pack the hotly anticipated Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 SoC. However, Xiaomi is reportedly snagging exclusive early access to this chipset, which means the OnePlus 13 will make its grand entrance after the Xiaomi 15 and Xiaomi 15 Pro.

For context, remember that the OnePlus 12 debuted in China in early December last year, just a few weeks behind Xiaomi’s 14. This year could mirror that timing, although whispers suggest the Xiaomi 15 might drop a tad earlier in mid-October, potentially setting the stage for a mid to late November reveal for the OnePlus 13.

Take this tantalizing render with a grain of salt, especially considering another alleged render surfaced in early March, flaunting a completely different look. One thing seems certain: the OnePlus 13 will break the mold of its predecessor, the OnePlus 12.

via gsmarena

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