OnePlus 7 Concept Rendered by Ben Geskin

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If you’re done arguing about how accurate are the renders done by Ben Geskin for the Samsung Galaxy S10, it’s time to fire up the hype machine for a new thing: the OnePlus 2019 flagship. We present you the OnePlus 7 and our own take on it below.

Following the recent Galaxy S10 render with a mere cut for the selfie camera in the front panel, this approach is also applied to the OnePlus 7. The device has a screen with very narrow bezels and ditches the notch. It seems to have a shiny frame in the vein of the iPhone X, perhaps also made of stainless steel. I love the fact there’s no chin here. We have no look at the back side, just yet.

I suppose there’s a triple camera there, or some other cool new way to entice users to buy a OnePlus. Honestly, right now people buy a OnePlus because it’s cheap, high powered and has clean software. The cameras have never been a strong suit. The fast charge is also another big plus, as well as the strong community and forums driving the whole OnePlus brand forward.

But the design is key. If OnePlus would act instead of react I’d be even more impressed. Holes in the glass seems to be the next big thing though…

[via Ben Geskin]

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