Here’s My 2 Cents on the Nintendo Switch (Video)

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As a die hard fan of the Nintendo Wii and a person totally unimpressed by every other Nintendo product manufactured since then, I was pretty amazed to see the Nintendo Switch yesterday. It was revealed during a 3 minute video straight from Nintendo and it’s still meant for debut in March 2017. Now here are my 2 cents on it.


First of all, it’s the best of two worlds, since it’s both a portable console and a fixed one next to the TV, once it’s hooked to a dock. It ejects from the dock with a toaster-like movement and has a set of joysticks. There’s one for the TV version, that looks like your average Logitech/Xbox material let’s say, but the Joy Cons attachable to the sides are the real point of interest here.


Those light gray portions are able to detach from the shell and can even be used remotely from the “tablet”, with two people playing on the same device with its kickstand extended and not needing a TV. They feel a bit like smaller Wiimotes of sorts. Nintendo seems to have an obsession with angularity, since every one of their consoles has been rectangular and filled with straight angles.


This is no exception and when the console sits on the dock, it feels a bit like a portable radio/stereo from back in the days. Games will come on small SD card style cartridges, which feels like a thing of the past and a far cry from the modern digital distribution services. But Nintendo has to make some bucks, right? I find it interesting that we haven’t seen much of the tablet’s back, possibly because it holds an array of cameras, 3D sensing and AR stuff, possibly related to Google’s Project Tango.

It’s clear to me in an instant after watching the video that this is a product far superior to the PS Vita or any one of its iterations, or even the PSP. Hell, it’s even better than the DS and 3DS. It’s a mature console, that can give tablets a run for the money, if priced right and I pray to God it doesn’t adopt the usual childish Nintendo UI…





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