Predicting Samsung’s Future Designs: Let’s Analyze the Samsung Galaxy C10! (Video)

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If you’ve followed Samsung-related news lately, you may have learned that Samsung is about to enter the dual camera phone market. They’ll do so not with the Galaxy Note 8, but rather with the Samsung Galaxy C10 handset. And since that phone has leaked we analyzed its design after the break.

Samsung is in a bit of an inspiration crisis right now, especially in its midrange area. The fact that the last Galaxy C series phones only used that split slim antenna design as a standout feature was a sign that originality is needed. Sadly we’re not about to get that, as the Galaxy C10 is very much a OnePlus or Huawei phone, with a generic design and a generic dual back camera.

It’s odd to me to see what appears to be a touch Home button integrated this time around. Samsung usually goes with a physical Home button or no button, like on the Galaxy S8. A touch home button would be very odd. In many ways the Samsung Galaxy C10 is the death of Samsung’s inspired designs that started with the controversial Galaxy Alpha… Still the Galaxy S8 remains a pretty badass design, but the Note 8 may just be an encore of it.

[via @OnLeaks and Pricebaba]

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