If the LG V30 Was a Slider…

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With all the leaks regarding the LG V30 flooding us, it’s time for a breath of fresh air… but one that also includes the LG V30. It’s not your average dual display machine, but rather a slider that has been leaked by Evan Blass.

The device was part of a so called Project Joan, which was an initial phase of the LG V30. It sure looks interesting, simply because there are no high end sliders going around nowadays. It seems to be a dual sliding machine, with the display sliding up and down above the main body part. The lower bit serves as a secondary screen and it can be expanded to show many app shortcuts and perhaps even a virtual keyboard.

Several usage cases are shown in the last image below, including contextual info, QWERTY keyboard, navigation commands in Google Maps and even some DJ controls. While everybody is talking about the sliding part, I’m fascinated by the back camera, with two cameras and two flashes integrated within a square area, that looks quite original. Honestly this feels more like BlackBerry than LG.

Would you buy this?

[via Evan Blass]

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