Samsung Galaxy X Curved 2019 Gets Way Too Curvy (Video)

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The word’s out that Samsung is going to delay its foldable or flexible phone till 2019. Apparently it’s not ready for 2018 prime time, that’s the reason and technology is not there yet. Till that happens we’ve got the concept below, rendered by Gadgets Arena. It’s a bit curvier than you’d expect…

The handset is known as the Samsung Galaxy X Curved 2019 and it features a very curved body, but not in the way you expect. It’s as if a massive force pushed it from behind and generated this concave format. Ergonomics may be a bit off, since the edges may feel a bit sharp in your hands. At least the camera won’t sit flat on a surface and it won’t drag on a glass table.

The big problem here is that having such a design involves a curved glass panel or two, plus other curved components too: battery, memory and more. Or you can simply use smaller versions of them stuffed within the slim chassis. At least there’s a dual camera here, in keeping with the trends, a dual one at the back and a dual one at the front. I have to admit I’m loving the front side more than the back.

This feels more like a concept from 2008 than 2018…

[via Gadgets Arena]

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