Samsung Galaxy Innov8 Concept With Tizen OS Designed by Jermaine Smit (Video)

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Just as we teased here, Jermaine Smit imagined the way a Samsung Galaxy Innov8 concept phone would look like today and rendered it below. We even have a video to show, after the break. By the way, this model runs Tizen OS and not Android, making it all the more interesting.

Samsung Galaxy innov8 concept 2

It’s interesting that the video regarding the render also mentions Android, so maybe we’re dealing with a dual boot Samsung phone. The Galaxy Innov8 packs a sliding numeric keyboard, leather stitching at the back and an impressive back camera, with a huge sensor. This device allows you to switch between Android and Tizen OS with ease and it comes with a 3.2 inch screen with 720p resolution, 3 GB of RAM and an Exynos S Octa core processor.

Samsung Galaxy innov8 concept 3

There’s also 32 GB of storage on board and a 16 megapixel camera with LED flash, Xenon flash, 3x optical zoom and 4K video recording. There’s also Full HD 120 FPS video recording and a big d-pad for navigation in menus. This device may feel antique nowadays with the numeric keys, but it can also cause nostalgia.


[via Jermaine Smit]

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