Samsung Galaxy S IV Render Comes From Romania, Seems Cut Out of Galaxy S III

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Since Victor Greavu, a designer with Romanian name sent us a render of the Samsung Galaxy S IV that has a Romanian language interface, we can conclude that this is the Eastern European version of the new Galaxy S. Although at first sight I was tempted to criticize this design, since it’s basically the display of the Galaxy S III cut out, it could actually work…

What if Samsung really created such a device, a mere frame surrounding a display and hiding a very thin body with hot hardware? How about a dual core ARM Cortex A15 processor inside? How about a Full HD 5 inch display? I’m sure both will make their way onto the Samsung Galaxy S III and I can bet that the camera resolution will jump past 10 megapixels and include some sort of new stabilization. S Voice is also expected to be improved, as well as gestures.

If the new Galaxy S does have such thin bezels, since you’ll keep touching them, it may be a good idea to implement some side swiping gestures. I imagine a system a la BlackBerry 10 OS, but that’s thinking a bit too far… So, while Victor’s design is too simple to actually impress, it may be a hint to what’s coming.

[Thanks Victor Greavu]