Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rendered by Phone Arena With Vertical Back Camera

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to arrive this summer, probably in August with a few innovations within the Note lineup. First of all, a design change would be welcome and today we get a whiff of that, thanks to the latest renders from Phone Arena.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets a more angular design this time and a vertical back camera, placed on the side, that gives us some Huawei vibes. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected in 4 different colors, well 5, if you look at the render below. There’s green, blue, yellow, red and a sort of purple-black. These renders made by Phone Arena are aligned with the latest Galaxy Note 10 leaks from @OnLeaks and @IceUniverse.

In many ways the Note 10 expands on the Galaxy S10 concept. It should have the same CPU, quantity of RAM and selfie cameras cut in the screen. However, this time the selfie camera is centered and takes up much less space. The Note 10 is also rumored to have a 4300 mAh battery and in the camera module you should find all the goodness we saw on the Galaxy S10 5G.

There should be a main camera, wide angle camera, telephoto camera and possibly a depth sensor. A flash and heart rate sensor are probably in the same area. I find it curious there’s no love for gradients this time around. I’m talking about the pearly colors of the Galaxy S10. The stylus doesn’t seem change and I see no trace of the cameras it’s rumored to integrate.

With this angular approach, this feels more like an Xperia than a Samsung. I also feel there’s something “off” about it, as if it weren’t really proper Samsung material. Well, at least the front camera is better camouflaged…

[via Phone Arena]

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