Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Gets a Penta Lents Camera in This New Concept

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One of the most frustrating aspects of blogging about concept phones or phone designs is that sometimes you get a good one, but nobody claims it. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra concept below doesn’t have a maker or author, we just found it online… but it’s great to dissect.

Well, some people will instantly be turned off by the huge back camera, perhaps even bigger than the S20 Ultra one. The facade is very much Note 10+, but sans punch hole camera. It leads us to believe that the selfie camera is hidden in the screen this time, which is not impossible. At the back we find a Penta Lens camera setup, with a periscope cam with 100x Space Zoom, plus a special new 3D Time of Flight sensor for AR and Bokeh. The periscope camera has been separated at the right of the setup.

Actually if you include the ToF sensors, there’s a hexa camera setup. I see a smaller lens, so that’s probably the Macro or Bokeh lens, while the bigger one is a 108 MP cam, then there’s an ultra wide and perhaps an extra telephoto cam, since that’s a trend going around. With the recent petition to have Samsung use Snapdragon CPUs in lieu of Exynos, Samsung may actually listen to people and put a Snapdragon 865+ on the Note 20 this time around.

By the way, there’s also a brand new stylus rendered here, wit h two buttons and a rumored camera. Expect the Note 20 to appear in the summer, summer end maybe.

via Mobilissimo

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