Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Receives One of the First 2017 Renders (Video)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty much confirmed, so it’s time to think of Samsung’s next move. The Galaxy Note 8 is the next big thing from the South Koreans and it’s just been rendered by Techconfigurations. As usual they put a lot of work into it, provided specs and a video for the concept.

We’re guessing it’s finally time to move up to 4K for the Note, even though the while idea of a Note seems outdated, seeing how big the Galaxy S8 Plus is about to become. The iris scanner is present here, plus 6 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 835 or maybe even Snapdragon 840 CPU, as well as the 12 MP cam from the Galaxy S8. It’s also likely we may see a dual camera on this phablet.

Waterproofing, curved edges for the 5.7 inch screen are all here. Gorilla Glass 5, USB Type C and an 8 MP front camera should also come. Plus, whatever stylus novelty we saw on the Galaxy Tab S3, it’ll surely be replicated on this device. The design is rather typical and in keeping with our expectations. This means we get glass at the front, curved and with ultra narrow bezels, no Home button and a glass back panel, too.

The Galaxy Note 8 is slim, wider than the S8 and may even go to 6 inches in a 5.7 inch footprint.

[via Techconfigurations]

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