Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Gets a Concept Trailer From Upcoming Phones (Video)

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Hot on the heels of the latest Samsung patent leaks comes a fresh Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept, courtesy of Upcoming Phones. They’ve taken the info we have so far, sprinkled some innovation on the Galaxy Note 9 and here we are with this newcomer.

The device comes with a wider format now, compared to the narrow Note 8. Its dual camera gets a more generous enclosure and the pulse scanner and flash seem to remain the same. There’s no trace of a fingerprint scanner at the back, since it has been embedded into the screen panel. A special 3D face sensing mechanism is included upfront and the handset gets a narrower bottom bezel, like the Galaxy S9.

It’s got a 4K resolution, a generous 3800 mAh battery and weighs 190 grams, which is quite heavy. The back side feels like it’s covered in metal, not glass. The lack of centering of the back camera seems troubling to me, since symmetry is always important in design. I also look forward to more innovation in the S Pen department. Last I heard they were making it play nicely together with the finger input and alternating between brushes and options.

[via Upcoming Phones]

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