Samsung Galaxy S4 Survey by Bob Freking: You Suggest, He Creates! (Video)

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I’m sure you’ve seen Bob Freking’s concepts on our website, so he’s always open for novelty and this time he has taken on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Instead of creating a concept that looks like dozens of other mockups, Bob wants you to suggest a design and specs. That’s why he created the video below, that has already started to get some interesting responses and suggestions.

People seem to believe that Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a 5 inch screen with virtual buttons and most likely Full HD resolution. Polycarbonate for the case is also included, as well as a 2.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core CPU, although the logical choice would be a next gen ARM Cortex A15 dual core processor, maybe a new kind of Exynos with a revolutionary Mali T6xx GPU. Android 4.2 or maybe even Key Lime Pie may be the OS and keep in mind that these are only my predictions and suggestions, while the end result may be different.

A big 3000 mAh battery would be welcome, but seeing what the iPhone 5 can do with a 1440 mAh battery I’m truly stunned and would like to be impressed by its battery life not capacity… not necessarily. A jump to a 10 or 12 megapixel camera would also be welcome and I’d particularly like a better autofocus then on the Galaxy S III… And all of that put into a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S4 concept, a la Bob Freking! The comments section below awaits your suggestions, as well as the Facebook page!

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[Thanks Bob Freking]


    titanium edges with a stainless steel front and backing w/ jet black hue. quad core exynos 5 2gtz, mali t6xx gpu, 12 megapixel camera 1080p 5in super amoled tft, 3500mah battery, android 4.2, game controller accessary w/ samsung suite of high end games,kickstand,flip case etc. and on screen buttons

  • emmanuel

    Here is a very short list
    Edged to edged display almost no bezel
    Brighter screens 1080p 492ppi 4k type technology
    More futuristic tech
    Better design- I’m talking about htc level
    Camoufage – making it blends and hide in Different surfaces.
    Better camera
    Better touchwiz design
    Key lime pie maybe
    and have some transperent features
    stupidly fast and powerful
    Come with both wp8 and android versions
    new screen technology to prevent breakage (
    unbreakable phone
    better looking accesories

  • Jason

    i want the SIV to have a curved body,5 inches,12/13 MP,2GB RAM,Super AMOLED Plus,front camera 2.0 MP 1080P,Supports 1080p videos recording…the body can be same as Note II,a bit curve…3200mAh battery…

  • Trinity

    My preferance for upcoming Samsung S4 is same display 4.8 inch Super Amoled Plus HD with aspect ratio 16:9 with resolution same as Google Nexus 10, 2500 x 1600.. 12MP camera with autofokus and Xenon Flash with Optical Image Stabilization.. Android 5.0 a.k.a Key Lime Pie with samsung touchwiz 6.0.. Samsung 2.3Ghz exynos 5250 quad core processor with 2GB of Ram.. Inter nal storage of 16, 32 @ 64 GB with expandable microSD up to 128 GB.. Battery capacity up to 3500mhz with standby time up to 1 week or more.. Polycarbonate body with titanium finishing on the edge..

  • Leonard

    I Suggest to create a smartphone with 5.0 inch FULL HD, but with minor margins or no margins, the physical button should stay, the phone already have big size, this should not grow more. A processor with 2.4 GHZ is Very Very Nice, and 2 Giga for main memory and 1 Giga memory ONLY FOR VIDEO (because the full HD cost more for the main memory, then they should create a separate memory for video.)

  • Leonard

    And……….. 16 MB ou 24 MB for the CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

  • Leonard

    Batery with 3100 MAH….. 3G/4G…. 64 Giga minimal internal Storage…. LATERAL BUTTON for CAMERA like in Samsung ATIV S — MICRO HDMI ports…. and ALLShare Cast for Samsung SMart TVS (we want play the game of Phone on TV) TY i Love you Samsung! =)

  • Leonard

    Hey…. Samsung Galaxy S4 should have one 8MB Frontal Camera WITH FLASH!!!!!! NO PHONE TODAY HAVE IT… S4 Should have the first,,, i Think, peoples want to shot his face with light in nights,,, the frontal FLESH will HELP

  • Joshua

    Whatever is decided, this phones build quality must feel heavier, like Motorola and HTC, Samsung has always felt cheap. It should have a kickstand too. I also think no bezel and the screen should come super close to the edge. 5” HD display would be cool with HDMI and SD card slot on side too. But I’m just a consumer that knows nothing…

  • Matthew B.

    I think it should have a liquid metal case.It should have a 14mega pixel rear facing camera with dual led flash and it can record 1080p at 60fps. A front facing 5mega pixel camera with 720p recording.It should have the Tegra 4 processor with 2.5GHz.Key lime pie should be the base OS.It should be 7mm in thickness. A 1080p OLED screen should be on it.

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  • Mritunjay Singh

    wanted specs in sg4
    -a 12 mp rear cam with a 2 mp front cam
    -1.7+ quadcore processor
    -4.7 inch screen
    -premium look with metal(real metal) finish
    -can support upto 2k format with cremy softness
    -gorilla glass tech. 2
    -a 3000+ mAH battery
    -a much better and flowy ui
    -2 gb of ram
    -nfc tech.
    -a much better s voice
    -real life motion sensing
    etc, etc, ……
    internal mem. upto 32 gb
    expandable upto 64 gb

  • Snoopdog

    Titanium alloy?
    High processor, perhaps penta core
    Entire phone body touch sesitive- no buttons
    No case – back chAnges colour
    Triangle sides like lg optimus 4x hd
    Other innovative features

  • Stevo

    Build it out of material that will last more than 12 months!
    Lighter is not better,can seem cheaper.
    Put a pen in it ….just like my old XDA11 mini..that way I can take notes in a meeting rather than trying to type text.
    Must have replaceable battery….current battery life is useless after 6-8 months of constant use..ask my work mates who have Iphone 4’ constantly looking around for powerpoints.
    Keep with the micro SD Card….gives so much flexibility.

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