Samsung Galaxy S6? Not Exactly, but Pretty Close, Mertcan Dogan’s Vision

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Here’s a Samsung concept phone that’s finally not called a Galaxy S6 or Note 4. However, it could very easily be one of them, since it offers some new design lines. The creation of Mertcan Dogan, this handset is pictured below and has slightly curved edges.

samsung galaxy concept phone 1

The curve is inwards, just like the Jermaine Smit concept phones we’ve seen lately. However, this time the curve feels a bit more gentle and the lower and upper side are a bit bigger than the middle. The case seems clearly made of plastic and at the bottom we find a ton of little holes, probably meant to showcase a speaker. The camera at the back is very small and I can see 9 little holes below it, probably a new system for the flash.

Overall, this has the vibe of a midrange handset, maybe a rival to the HTC Desire 816, who knows? The UI feels pretty standard, so there’s no flat UI here, or change in the software area. The things that interest me the most here are the buttons, that look very comfy and the On/Off one is actually pretty big. What do you think of this Samsung concept phone?

samsung galaxy concept phone 2

samsung galaxy concept phone 3

samsung galaxy concept phone 4

[via Behance]

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