Samsung Galaxy S6 Re-redered by Jermaine Smit

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Jermaine Smit is trying to redesign the Samsung Galaxy S6, that has already received a dozen concepts over the past months. He’s going with a slightly familiar look, with a big battery, squared camera and differently colored flashes at the back.

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept jermaine 1

This model seems to adopt a metal frame and plastic back cover and also it seems to lack the heart rate sensor. The fingerprint scanner seems present here, while the screen is an edge to edge affair with a very discrete earpiece and front camera above it. I expect a fully laminated glass panel covering up the entire front side of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Recently there were also rumors about a dual edge device, sort of like Galaxy Note Edge, but curved on both sides.

I can’t tell how comfy such a device would be to hold, but it certainly sounds interesting. This would also increase the diagonal by an inch or two and the resolution by a few hundred pixels. Samsung would make a smart move to get rid of some of its bloatware and quick settings/options/toggles/S Finger/Quick connect crowding the dropdown area and place them on the side screens. But enough about that, how do you feel about this Galaxy S6 concept?

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept jermaine 2

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept jermaine 3

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept jermaine 4

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept jermaine 5

[via Jermaine Smit]

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