Samsung Galaxy S7 Features a Rotating Camera, Ultraslim Design

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Rendered by Sunny Gandhi, the Samsung Galaxy S7 goes a bit too fast for the current age, already dreaming of 2016. The handset is razor sharp thin and it’s fully made of metal, plus it integrates a rotating camera in its corner.

Samsung Galaxy S7 concept rotary 1

The trademark Home button is here and there’s a dual tone flash in the mix, with the camera. The Galaxy S7 concept integrates a big earpiece and has minimal bezels, but not as slim as you’d expect. The Home button is very slim and minimal, but the volume buttons and On/Off buttons look comfy. The back of the device feels a bit rough and not very commercial, with those letters sticking out too much.

I expect something like 64 bit next gen processor inside, maybe a Snapdragon 900 or 820, plus 4 GB of RAM this time. Android 5.2 may be on board and finally TouchWiz may become likable this time. Or will it be Tizen? We can only speculate for now, but I doubt Samsung will risk this much with a rotating camera.

Samsung Galaxy S7 concept rotary 2

Samsung Galaxy S7 concept rotary 3

[via thegalaxys7]

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