Samsung Galaxy S9 Just Got Rendered; We Can’t Help but Ask… Why!?

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I get why Samsung is skipping Galaxy Note 6 and going to Galaxy Note 7, to align with the S7 and fight the iPhone 7, but what about the Galaxy S series? One would imagine that the Galaxy S8 debuts next year, but designers are already dreaming about the Samsung Galaxy S9, with a concept shown below.

Samsung Galaxy S9 2018 concept  (2)

There appears to be a dual camera at the back, a clear response to the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual shooter. The metal frame seems to be in its place and I can’t tell what material is used at the back, but it may be metal or glass. The designers talk about Android O as the OS of choice here, maybe Android Oreo, who knows? A 5.5 inch curved screen is mentioned with a Quad HD res, maybe 4K even.

Samsung Galaxy S9 2018 concept  (1)

Snapdragon 830 is the chipset of choice and 6 GB of RAM are here, maybe 8 GB if they go wild. Dual 21 megapixel cameras are at the back, with 4K video capture, while upfront we have dual 13 MP cameras. The physical Home button is now wider and possibly includes special gesture support. A 5000 mAh battery with fast charge and wireless charge is also here, plus an USB Type C port.

Too optimistic? Realistic? What do you say?

[via Phoneradar]

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