Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.0 finally bridges the gap between fitness tracker and watch

It’s been a minute since Samsung actually innovated in the design segment, be it for phones, watches, tablets or what have you. Especially the watches are a step behind the Apple Watch, but designers have a bunch of ideas worth exploring. For example from Yanko Design we learn that a team of talented individual came up with the design below.

We call this the Galaxy Watch 2.0 and it feels like a mix of a fitness bracelet and a watch. It’s also a bit like a hybrid between a Fitbit and a bent Apple Watch. Designed by Howard Nuk, Jeffrey Borges Jones, & Sun Son, California-based designers, this device packs a curved, vertical display. A variety of watch straps are showcased in this concept, some closer to a typical watch, other to a fitness bracelet. There are actually 9 core versions of the watch straps.

Each of them changes the experience and also brings forth a new watch face. The rectangular body slips into a band by sliding into metal incisions or into silicone slots. There’s a leather watchband for the office with a more elegant look and an Active band, fit for the sweat session during workouts. It’s a polycarbonate band, with stainless steel ends, for a more secure strap onto the wrist. There’s even a party strap, that seems to change color, a metal-looking strap with segments, like those old timey watches and a more rigid Xiaomi Mi Band style strap.

The real innovation here is actually the strap, not the watch and Apple has been patenting smart straps with sensors for a while now, so these guys may be on to something.

Be sure to check out the source link below and pick your favourite.

via Yanko Design

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