Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Gets the Ultimate Render From Letsgodigital

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After calling it Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 for a while, Samsung’s latest foldable has been called Bloom again. Now it’s called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and under that moniker, Letsgodigital created a compelling render of it.

The device should come at Galaxy Unpacked 2020 on February 11th. The device truly is a clamshell, more refined than the Moto RAZR 2019 and borrowing a bit of the identity of the Galaxy Fold 1 hinge, albeit smaller and more discrete. We’ve heard that Samsung though of this phone as appealing to young women and compared its format to a makeup pouch from Lancome. Expect a lower price and a bigger battery than the Moto RAZr 2019.

This time Letsgodigital worked with an Italian artist, Giouseppe Spinelli aka Snoreyn to create this machine. There’s a smaller secondary screen on the outside, two cameras and a narrow and long screen on the inside. Not sure if it’ll actually get glass protection, considering the rumored low price. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip lacks the bulging out “human spine-like vertebrate disc” that the RAZR had late last year.

The front camera is placed in a punch hole and the smartphone’s core is held together magnetically and with small cogs probably. I’m not very sure that the RAM and storage will be top notch here, considering the rumored $850 price tag. The biggest achievement that Samsung could offer us would be getting rid of the crease of the screen.


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