Samsung Gaming Smartphone Now Has a Foldable Display

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Many big companies have been getting into the foldable phone biz and also into the gaming phone biz and Samsung’s not one to stay away from trends. Turns out they’re going to marry the two in a foldable gaming smartphone, as revealed by a brand new patent. That patent has been turned into renders by

At first sight, it looks very much like previous leaks of the Samsung foldable phones, but this time it also gets a series of special gaming controls. It also seems to unfold into more of a landscape oriented tablet. It’s also supposed to have a custom processor, special cooling system and optional gamepad. The patent shows a device that can be a phone and hen be opened like a tablet with a “lip” that may store gaming controls.

Said lip features 8 action buttons and a D pad, letting you control games in a more classic manner. Their placement doesn’t seem quite fortunate, since the device may feel heavy on your hands if you’re gripping it mid air. I like the landscape handset version of it more for gaming, to be honest. I’m also not very sure you can bend multiple parts of the screen like that and get away with it.

We also don’t have shoulder buttons, which people may need for a proper gaming experience. This is one of the cases when the extra screen doesn’t actually help a lot. The foldable nature of the machine doesn’t quite lent itself to gaming, but rather to productivity. Unless you’re using a Nintendo 3DS design…


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