MOTO RAZR 2019 is the Retro Futuristic Phone We Need Badly

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We’ve heard that Motorola was going to bring back the RAZR series, making use of the new foldable trend. Now we also get to see the way the device is going to look like, courtesy of an enthusiastic designer, Sarang Sheth.

MOTO RAZR 2019 comes with a foldable screen, plus a mini display outside, reminding me of the good old days. It shows notifications, weather and other such tidbits. The camera on the outside looks a bit out of place and I see that the device keeps the trademark chin of the RAZR V3. The design shown here is based on a Motorola patent filing from last year.

This time instead of flipping open the device to reveal a T9 keyboard, you get an extra touchscreen display. The format is vertical and the connection area between screens is seamless. This is unlike the Galaxy Fold and Huawei foldable, which can turn from smartphone into tablet. The aspect ratio should be 19:8, we also have curved edges and even a notch.

I find it weird that Moto doesn’t put a dual camera here and only opts for a single lens. To warrant the RAZR name you need a very slim profile, so sacrifices will have to be made. Just remember that the RAZR was also very solid, in spite of being slim. I’m pretty sure this will happen at some point.

[via Yanko Design]

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