Sliding Xperia Concept is a Tribute to the Xperia X1 and X2

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Designer Micheal Muleba is back with something he calls a “blast from the past”, actually a tribute for the first Xperias, those with Windows Mobile on board. This unnamed concept Xperia is clearly a throwback to the Xperia X1 and X2.

Dual display Xperia concept 1

The part with the screen is the usual edge to edge rectangle, but now we’ve got a sliding QWERTY portion with 5 rows. There’s also a numeric row and a very well spaced keyboard, with a big space button. Since this looks like a biggie, why not make it a phablet? I’m envisioning something like a 5.7 incher, with a lot of metal and plastic, plus a reasonably slim waistline.

Dual display Xperia concept 5

The sliding part also slides the other way to reveal a sound system and extra buttons. And that’s the first glance at the product! At the second glance, you start paying more attention and figure out that the keyboard may be virtual, since there seems to be a secondary screen in the mix. I have seen dual display phones before, but none with such an interesting angle between the two screens.

Dual display Xperia concept 3

Dual display Xperia concept 4

Dual display Xperia concept 6

Dual display Xperia concept 2

[Via Micheal Muleba]

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