Sony Ericsson Android GUI, Interfaces Can be Concepts as Well

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After designing the beautiful 12.1 megapixel cameraphones Sony Ericsson Renton and Ruriko, Esato board user Razec couldn’t even catch his breath, as he created the great and useful SE Android GUI concept. You can check out the screenshots of this interface below, showing stuff like Opera Mobile, a slideshow and a Media Player 4.0 Touch in action:


The Sony Ericsson Android GUI also shows us its Home Screen, XMB and 3D Flip (inspired by compiz), that you can see below.

Android on Sony Ericsson devices is something we hope to see in 2009, maybe at CeBIT 2009, but the platform choice is getting odd, as SE went with Symbian in the case of Idou, its first 12 megapixel device.


[via Esato]