Sony Sports is a Retro Phone, Meant for Fitness

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Paulo Corceiro has designed a Sony concept phone that he called Sony Sports. This model looks like a plastic flask of alcohol, but it’s geared towards the active man, being a fitness phone.

sony sports concept phone

With so many fitness bracelets out there, why not have a fitness phone as well? The handset is curved from the back to the front and features rounded edges that are a bit too big for modern requirements. It comes in bright, Tweety yellow and I’m sensing there are solid music features and GPS features on board, to get the best out of your workout. Subscriptions to fitness magazines and services are included and the camera looks… strange.

It feels like there’s a Bluetooth headset ready to be removed there, not a camera. Anyway, the curvature of the phone makes me imagine holding it during long runs and it probably faces sweat, rain and dust easily. Social networking and maybe a pedometer and pulse sensing would be useful here.

[via Paulo Corceiro]

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