Sony Xperia Micro is Here, Keeps Everything Minimal, at 4 Inches in Diagonal

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Designed by Dwight Looi, the Sony Xperia Micro concept is meant to be a phone for people who want raw handset power in a smaller package. This model offers the smallest, thinnest package possible with the thinnest bezel possible, according to the creator of the device.


It packs a 4 inch 720p display, a Snapdragon 808 processor and a 20.7 megapixel back camera with 4K video recording. There’s also a through-the-LCD selfie cam, that operates via the hole in the backlight diffuser and DSP for LCD shadow. The ergonomics are tailored for as good a grip as possible for this small and slim device. The product is said to retail for the same price as the Xperia Z4, which means $629 without contract.


I find it interesting that the designer placed the Home button at the bottom and the charging contacts in the same area. The device’s edges feature a a small concave side, where these buttons are integrated. This makes the Xperia Micro look like an ice cream sandwich of sorts and just like its predecessors, the main metal part is sandwiched between two glass parts.

The glass is enhanced and allows the antenna RF pass-through. The frame of the device involves machined titanium aluminum alloy, so this sturdy model is quite a piece of work.





[via Dwight Looi]

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